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What is Agarwood?

Agarwood tree (Aquilaria malaccensis) is a species of plant in the Agarwood family.  This species is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Agarwood is the part of the tree that is contaminated with oil.  Some species, in the process of growth, due to certain effects, cause “injury/infection”, over time the tree accumulates a resinous substance called agarwood oil, then gradually spreads, causing  modifying wood molecules, creating many colors (black, brown, indigo, gray, …),

many properties (hard, soft, flexible, brittle …), many flavors (bitter, spicy, sour, sweet,  …), many shapes (round, twisted, pointed, long, …), in many parts (stem, branches, roots) of the tree.  That is agarwood, the international traded name: Agarwood.

 The outstanding feature of frankincense is that it emits a special aroma when burned or even not yet burned.  When the oil is more concentrated, the frankincense can sink in water.  High-grade frankincense can reach 60-80% oil content.  Based on the degree of oil contamination, color, flavor, shape, weight, origin … that makes agarwood come with different names.

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SILENCE Collection

The Collection of Scented Candles with the predominant scent of Agarwood combined with floral and herbal ingredients – a collaborative project with DAMAS a specialized scented candle brand. Produce and learn to create scented candles – completely and exclusively designed scents  for NAW.

The collection comprises 5 different scents: Feeling – Connected – Sharing – Loving – Healing.  We believe that when you have emotions, you would like to Connect and Share, then you will express Love or Be Loved to Heal someone or even yourself.

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