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Handmade with love

Most traditional handicrafts in Vietnam are mainly made by women, especially the elderly in rural areas. NAW believes that it has provided those people some kind of employment. So that they have a stable source of income to cover their daily lives as well as look after their families.  NAW also hopes that it can contribute to preserving and promoting a long-standing traditional craft of Vietnam like traditional incense making.

Trầm means stillness in Vietnamese.

Silence implies multiple secrets that each person discovers in their own ways.  In that stillness, you will feel and connect with yourself in the most profound way to balance your soul.  Then you will be able to heal yourself. In a quiet space, scent will be key to opening the doors of every secret,  corner and answer.  


  • Swiss Brand, Made in Vietnam with Swiss Quality.
  • Hand Pressed Agarwood Incense – 100% Natural
  • Handmade with Scented Candles and Essential Oil
  • Zen Limited Edition
  • Energy-cleansing Fragrance
  • Eco – friendly Packaging
  • Money back if the product doesn’t fit you or any problems with transportation.


Aromatherapy is a method of treatment or disease prevention with natural essential oils, herbal oils.  Although formal research on the benefits of aromatherapy is limited, it is evident that this treatment has many health benefits.  The aroma of natural essential oils can relieve body pain, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, fight insomnia… In addition, some essential oils such as rosemary, mint also enhance memory and health.

NAW believes that aromatherapy really works and has certain effects on users if correctly used.

Incense sticks and Cones from NAW helps you unwind, relax your mind in order to have a deep and quality sleep. It also helps with stress and insomnia.

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